From 2000 to 2004 I had the opportunity to work as the Art Director leading a team of artists designing the virual world of There is self described as "A place where you can engage your imagination by enjoying shared experiences with others online". For me the work has touched every aspect of my artistic training and allowed me to be a land developer, graphic illustrator, and theme park designer all in one project.

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Unlike a computer game, There was intended as an ever growing community where new places and things to do are being added all the time. To bring There to life we had to generated tens of thousands of conceptual drawings, textures, and models. These screenshots can only give you a glimpse at the depth and variety of the project.

Although I was not responsible for the majority of the textures for There, I did have the opportunity to play with the appearance of some of the structures and avatar clothing.

These posters are used within the world to help advertise some of the places you can visit while exploring There.
Some of the textures created for There included posters that advertised and sold inWorld merchandise.