A large part of my freelance business is taken up with "Concept Design" work. Concept Design is any sketch that helps a client visualize an idea or product. Most of this work had been Black & White, but recently I have used any medium necessary to get an idea across. This might include color artwork, computer generated designs, or even foam core models.
These are just a few examples of some of my Concept Design work:

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Simple 3D Model into Concept Sketches

This is an example of where I will first build a simple 3D model of an environment and use it as the under drawing for one or more concepts sketches.


The Tool Fits the Project

Whether creating a traditional elevation, or a full 3D model, the concept sketch is whatever it needs to be to communicate an idea to its intended audience. As the tools get more powerful and easier to use, an artist's ability to pre-visualize a concept becomes more diverse.

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Taking Concepts to the Virtual World

Although much of my freelance work is done using traditional pen & ink, an increasing number of my concepts use 3D as a way to communicate how an environment will eventually look and feel. In the below examples I have been asked to conceptualize, build, and texture each environment as a virtual "set". To see more of my 3D work, you can visit here: Flickr Album of 3D Work