A large part of my freelance business is taken up with "Concept Design" work. Concept Design is any image that helps a client visualize an idea or product. Most of this work has been Black & White sketches, but recently I have used whatever medium is necessary to get an idea across. This might include color artwork, digital designs, or even VR ready concept models.

Here are a few examples of my Black & White work. Some clients are more interested in getting out as many ideas as possible, the color work can come later.
I have also produced a lot of concept birdseye illustrations over the years for a variety of theme park projects. Birdseye sketches are often some of the best ways to communicate a concept as they speak to everyone, allowing them to better understand how a proposed project will work when completed.

Although much of my freelance work is done using traditional pen & ink, an increasing number of my concepts use 3D as a way to communicate how an environment will eventually look and feel. On many projects I have been asked to conceptualize, build, and texture each environment to be experienced as a rendered fly-through, or via VR, as a proof of design.